The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

That which begins again

When we arrived in Mayotte last August, we used fans all the time so hot and muggy did we find it. This year, being more acclimated to the weather, we've turned them on only twice or thrice in the past few weeks. But ever since we've gotten back from Madagascar, I've noticed the increase in humidity. No longer can I get out of the shower and expect to feel fresh for a couple of hours. These days, as I stand before the bathroom mirror, towel still wrapped around me, my whole body is covered in a sheen of sweat and I want nothing more than to jump back in the shower for another pointless rinsing off. Same thing when I sit at the computer, or just sit period. You don't have to be doing something to break into a sweat. Breathing is enough.

As further proof of the change I feel, the sky has been overcast of late, and I awoke at 5 this morning to rain pattering on the tin terrace roof. It was still raining, harder, even, an hour later when J got home from work. Looking out the office window, I see a solid layer of gray still pads the sky. At least the winds have dropped and the lagoon has regained its lake-like qualities. There is an upside to every thing.

And speaking of beginnings, I've retaken up TTD for a pass with an eye to tweaking the first chater, cutting weasel prose in the beginning and the last quarter, and reworking the last two pages or so. After that, query letter and synopsis writing shall begin, segueing into the beginning of my agent hunt. Lots of beginnings. There always are when one is alive.
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