The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Life Stew

 A stewy slew of info, because I can:

First off, sometimes I freaking hate LJ. Why does it have to eat my entries and force me to retype. Really doesn't motivate me to keep posting. (Also, sorry footlingagain about the double comment post. That was LJ's fault, too.)

On an Internet related note,  I've remarked that since school has started back and all the teachers have returned from abroad, our net problems have increased tenfold. During July and August, we hardly ever got bumped and we could connect on the first try. Now we get bumped all the time, it takes multiple tries to dial up, and it is nigh on impossible to dial up during peak hours.

The sister of a neighbor came by at 8 the other morning, while we were having breakfast, and told me that she can't find a taxi to pick up her girl every morning at 7:30 (and presumably bring her home again). She asked, without asking, if I could do it. Um...

We're going scuba diving this arvy. Six months have lapsed since our last dive. I'm sure that my birthday trip will involve diving, so I told J I need a refresher in familiar waters first. I hope I don't get eaten by sharks.

I also told J that we should try to empty our deep freeze before leaving. With the power outages we are prone to having during this season, it would be a wise thing to do. I don't relish coming home to the reek of rotting fish. So, what does he do?  This.

TONIGHT! The World Rugby Cup begins with France vs Argentina! I was invited to a girl's night out since the men will be doing the graveyard shift on the boat, but I had to turn them down. I have a match to watch, girls.  Allez les Bleus! Unfortunately, J and I are going to miss lots of matches while off on our trip. We'll be back for the finals though, and I hope France will be qualified!

And so life goes.
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