The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Day 4 of TTD read-through

I wasn't feeling well enough to have B&N over, but lying in the bed with the laptop went down all right. So, TTD has been read from cover-to-cover by moi. Thirty two pages were snipped in all, but there are several chapters, notably at the beginning and ending, where I didn't allow myself to edit. I'll have to go back and tend to those. But not tomorrow (going out in the boat). And probably not this weekend (World Rugby Cup starts, and I must pack!), and definitely not in the coming two weeks while I'm on holiday. I guess that means things will have more time to stew in the old mushy gray matter.

I also read the crits from frigg, navicat, and kmkibble75. Thanks so much, gals and guy.  Your comments were a big help. frigg, I'm definitely still talking to you, you silly nut. 

Tags: ttd revisions

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