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Days Two and Three of TTD read-through

I couldn't connect to the Internet Monday or Tuesday night to report my progress, so I'll lump it together here. First off, I'm still enjoying the story, but I fear I've fallen too deeply in the edit-as-I-go trap and am not able to immerse myself in it as I should.

On Monday, my reading went much more slowly, and I ended up cutting 14 pages (not consecutive--mostly doing the kind of deletion that saves you a line and after a while adds up to a page. Though one cut was a 4-pg scene I decided to do away with.)

Tuesday, we had to take our car to GT, and the shop kept it all day, forcing us to kill time in boutiques. When we got home, I was too exhausted to read more than 55 pages, two of which I cut.

So this morning, as of writing this (already started the read for the day), these are the stats:

Pages read: 627/873 
Pages deleted: 23
Biggest deleted chunk: Training scene

B&N are coming over for dinner tonight, so this arvy will be spent cooking and cleaning. *sigh* I guess I won't finish reading until tomorrow. Unless I resist the urge to cut...

*puts down the scalpel and gets back to reading*


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Sep. 5th, 2007 09:16 am (UTC)
Edit-as-you-go is a big pitfall of mine, too. I always start off well, but a pen always makes its way into my hand and I always start noting, striking through and changing.

Trying to read onscreen leads to even more changes. So I admire your resolve in getting as far as you have.
Sep. 5th, 2007 07:15 pm (UTC)
I've tried many times--and failed every single one--not to make *some* kind of change as I'm reading through. I'm just afraid of not finding the same typo again, frex.

I think if I had hardcopy and no pen, I would make small tears in the paper to be able to find the spot again where I just had to made a correction. bwahaha
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