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Jumping Humpbacks, Batman!

Since the days are getting longer, Nuria and I have resumed our walks along a beach called Petite Moya. Today, upon arriving at the end of the beach and just about to start the return trek, I said, "I'm so happy to be back out here. It's so beautiful." At that moment, I looked up and saw a whale breaching the water just past the reef. I squealed and Nuria glanced up in time to see the resulting splash. Not wanting to disappoint her, the whale jumped four or so more times before her calf joined in the fun and breached at least half a dozen.  We kept watching and squealing and laughing and pointing and jumping for joy (thank goodness we were alone) as they moved farther south. The cow rewarded us with three spins, showing us her lovely white belly and flippers spread wide to embrace the world.

Next beach walk, I'm taking the camera.

I love Mayotte!
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