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Day 1 of TTD read-through

I took yesterday, as planned, to start reading TTD. And you know what?  I like it. My writing is more than competent; I've moved myself to emotion, and I already know what is going to happen. The pacing is good for the kind of story *I* like.

I had a few surprises--almost first-time reader discoveries--in a few places because I can changed some names and terms at the last moment.

Even though I said I was only going to read, I can't help but fix typos and delete flab here and there. (Coming back after my break, I see more of what you mean, magicnoire, about trimming back on the "style." I'm also keeping my eyes open for repeat of info. Sometimes I have to add just a sentence or two, like I did for you mindseas, to hopefully make Casindra slightly rounder.) These are some stats so far:

Pages read: 362/890
Pages deleted: 6
Duh! deletion (or one of, since I didn't really try to memorize this stuff): He wore a tattered brown robe, which resembled the garb of Sehma’s Emissaries, and a cape of ragged furs slung around his shoulders

I know that one of the biggest things I will have to do is tweak the opening chapter. In the past, I got a lot of feedback to the effect that I give the reader a slew of info there. I'll wait, though, until I read the crits to make any changes. Maybe someone made some good suggestions on how to better it.

Anyhow, I mostly wanted to do this update so I could look back on it and say, "Hey, at one point I liked my book."  frigg keeps insisting that I probably won't want to speak to her after I read her crit.  With that threat in mind, I need to have a reminder that hack I may be, but not a hack without bursts of confidence, misplaced though they may be. kmkibble75, at least, is good at bolstering my spirits. It'll be you I turn to, bud, when I can't speak to that evil sickpea any longer. :P

Let's see what today's reading yeilds...
Tags: pouncing on the positive, the evilness of frigg, ttd revisions, updates

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