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September first. The day my writing hiatus ends and did end. I didn't write, but I did pull out a hardcopy of one of my shorts (one that is almost 8K). I marked it up and, after some thinking and brainstorming, came up with a more coherent throughline to replece the shaky nonexistent one I had before. Focus is a lovely thing, let me tell ya. I haven't keyed in the changes yet, for I'm not 100% sure how I want to end it. Still, not bad for my first day back. I did open TTD at one point but failed to read one word of it. I knew I didn't have time to read a good chunk, so I was loath to start. I would like to treat it as I do my friend's mss and read it in one or two sittings, though given the length, three probably wouldn't be unreasonable.

This afternoon, I went to Cavani on Grande Terre for my art lesson. I'm *almost* finished with the painting that I started several weeks back. Marcel said I should have finished it the last class, and the one before that, but he did tell me he is happy with my work. And he paid me a lovely compliment saying that if I am as obstinate, observant, and conscientious with my writing as I am with my painting, then I must be a fine writer indeed. Those qualities may not translate into what it takes to make a great storyteller, but I'll accept his praise with pleasure.  

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