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Holy crap and a barrel of pickles

Can anyone tell me why I'm going through a writing funk and yet have the highest word goal of anyone doing the March Writing Marathon? Can anyone tell me why I did not withdraw from the marathon once I knew that I was going to Switzerland to visit the evil lovely, lovable frigg followed by five days in the south visiting the in-laws? Yes, "crazy" and "dicked in the nob" (that one's for you, PJ) do occur to me, too, as possible reasons for this.

On the up side, I have finished a second short story. Totally weird story. I'll have to look at it later to see if it has any merit, but my first beta loves it. Go figure. (methinks he is too kind to me.)

As concerns TTD, I finally started plowing into it again tonight, and lo and behold, I had a *click.* I found myself in a pickle of a sorts. I had set up a certain character being in a certain place (this was chapters and chapters ago) and then while I was merrily (er, not so merrily, actually) writing my scene, I thought, "DOH! What about him?!?!" *sigh* Writing is so much fun. Seriously though, I'm not sure that this "missing character" and the nagging feeling of something being wrong were really connected, but I do feel like I have direction once more. I now have to figure out what I'm going to do with him. Heck, he may need to come out of the scene/place altogether. But that is a problem for another day.

March Marathon:
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