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Every year,  mana_triniand I plan birthday surprises for one another. Last year, Nuria accidently ruined J's surprise for me by saying how much fun I would have at our destination. This year, one of J's colleagues spilled the beans. *sigh* Now I know we are going to Madagascar for 11 days, but it is a big island. Our exact location(s) and intinerary are still mysteries.

Having two surprises in a row spoiled made me tetchy and woe-is-me, and I started to lament about how I never get surprised (we take turns with our anniversary every year, too)! But then J reminded me of the gemstones he gave me for our first anniversary, which was a great surprise, even if the resulting ring didn't turn out the way I wanted (jeweler's fault). Then I remembered when he took me to the Limousin mountains in the Lac de Vassivière region, and we stayed the night in a Mongolian yurt. I kept my eyes shut the entire trip, which lasted almost three hours. That brought to mind the time he took me to Salers, which is a most charming village (I kept my eyes shut on that trip, too--and on the way to Amsterdam...from Paris to past the Belgian border). 

So, I guess I can't complain that much. Just, geez, guys and gals, keep it to yourselves next time. And mana_trini? Mum's the word. You can't trust *anyone*!
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