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Already? Not ready!

Tomorrow, my one-month break from writing comes to an end. I don't know if I'm ready to dive back into it. In any case, desire to does not burn, drive, or push me. My plan was to read TTD (it's been nigh on 3 months since I've looked at or thought about it) and see what I think for myself. After that, I planned to *finally* read the crits (excepting

mindseas and magicnoire's, which I read right away way back when since they delivered them with such promptness. *g*) 

The problem is I just don't want to.  I don't care to read my work, and I don't care to see what people said about it. I really hope that doesn't come across as ungrateful because I am extremely grateful for the effort everyone put into their critiques and the time they dedicated to such a monstrous project. I hoped that the apathy would wear off by month's end, but nope. Still hanging around me like a foul miasma.

I often feel a build of excitement and interest after I start something, so maybe I should just immerse myself in it and see if the project can hook me again.  Or maybe I should turn to shorts for a while. I say shorts because I don't feel like looking at my second novel attempt just now either, and starting a third while I have two languishing for polish and ultimate sendout just feels like I can't see something through.  

I did dream about one of my shorts last night, so maybe that is the way to go...



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