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The gall

(abbreviated version since LJ ate the last ranty one)

I found out today that one of the idiots (herewith known as Idiot n°1) of  the infamous school/association I "worked" for last year is going around telling lies about me. Well, "lies" may not be the proper word since I guess it is all a matter of viewpoint and personal interpretation*. I suspected such goings-on and double standards last year, just because of how unethical and dishonest idiot n°1 and her associate idiot n°2 are. But today, thanks to meeting up with an acquaintance introduced to me by idiot n°2, I discovered my suspicions were founded.

The acquaintance asked me today if idiot n°1 and I had quarreled and was surprised when I said no because of the spiteful things that idiot n°1 said about me when the acquaintance asked her for my contact info.

1) Idiot n°1 said I'm a nutcase. Why? Because I told her that I'm writing a novel, specifically a fantasy novel.

2) Idiot n°1 said I'm a minx (her own word) and am flighty. Why? Because I have dreadlocks. A minx? er....

3) Idiot n°1 said I have probably already left the island (despite seeing me at least bi-monthly in the grocery store and calling me THREE days ago, hoping to get me to work for her! And that would be the phone conversation where she called me "ma belle" and practically pleaded with me to take good care of myself because I was having an allergy attack.) Why? I have no idea. Probably because I don't want to work for her. 

*There probably are people who think I'm a nutcase for reasons other than what I choose to write, but to call me a minx? When you know nothing about me, my private life, or my beliefs? Because of my hairstyle?!

As to what I'll say and how I'll act the next time I see her.... One part of me would like to tell her what I really think of her, but the other part says it--she--isn't worth it.
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