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On days like today

I'm very glad I'm on a writing hiatus, or rather I'm happy I don't have the novel_in_90goal hanging over my head. I'm tiiiiired, and it is good to know that I can just relax with a movie or a book or sketch pad and pencils and not worry about churning out readable prose.

At eight this morning, I set out on the boat with J and two friends, Jocelyn and Bruno, for Bruno's last spearfishing expedition (he and his family go back to metropoltian France in five days). Because of the windy conditions, they decided to go to Mtsamboro, an island in the north, two hours from Petite Terre. A few pics, courtesy of Google Earth.

From the northern tip to the western, the reef shelf is considered "exterior" of the lagoon and hunting is allowed, so that's where we stopped.

Six hours, ten fish, and one spiny lobster later, we started back home. (None of those catches were mine, even though I took three shots. The only thing I came home with is an extremely tender, red spot on my arm from some kind of blasted coral.) We arrived in the port with the sunset, 10 hrs after leaving the house this morning. Four hours on a boat can take it out of a gal... And guys, and poor Julien and Bruno are working the night shift (on a boat!) from 8:00 pm - 7:00 am.
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