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To Be Undone is at an end...The End!

I just finished the second draft of my second-ever WIP, To Be Undone, which involved a major rewrite from the first slapdash NaNo effort. The total word count is 69,010. Looks like I'll have some plumping up to do in my next draft. Never fear. It is in no danger of getting as plump bloated as TTD. So, now that I've finished, I think I'll take a break from writing to restoke the book-that-is-my-mind, since I've been burning pages willy-nilly from it for quite some time now. 

For you opinionated pleasure, I'll put the question of what I should do next to the masses:

Poll #1029768 Whatever will I do now???

What should Miquela do now that she has finished her WIP?

I think she should take a break.
She should take a break, I think.
Take a break is what I think.
A break I think she should take.
She needs a break, she does. She ought to be for taking one.
Yo, Miquela! Break! Now!
What the &#@¤$ kind of poll is this? Only a person who needs a break could've made this crap up!
Tags: accomplishments, le fin, polls, to be undone

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