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It began with clouds

Prompted by an entry in quietspaces' journal about wishing there were bigger clouds, I took my camera and headed out yesty when I spied cumulonimbi towering over Grande Terre. I decided to run a few errands first and then photograph the clouds for her from B&N's balcony. Well, after I bought a blanket (!!! If we slept indoors, we wouldn't need one) and stopped by the grocery store and outdoor produce market, the lovely clouds had dissipated. Still, I leave you with the photos I snapped along the way, which will help round out the mental picture you are hopefully getting of Mayotte now. 

Shopping for all at Shopi!Eco-Lawnmowers
Shopping for all at Shopi!

Zebu calves decided to stop for a snack outside the local supermarket.


These sheep are grazing off one of the main roundabouts on Petite Terre, just across from the supermarket.

Our butcherView from B&N's balcony

Our butcher

Still a little sunstruck when I entered the supermarket, I was struggling to get the cap back on the lens. The butcher spied me messing with the camera and asked if I wanted to take his picture. What was that I said about the Mahorais being camera shy? Definitely a matter of personality and not cultural at all. (I must apologize for the "mise en scène." I couldn't back up any more because of a freezer, and I felt like the management or store security was going to come around at any moment to tell me to put away the camera.)

View from B&N's balcony

This is all that was left of the lovely cloud decks. Boo.

Pink PlumeriaBusting at the seams
Pink Plumeria

This tiny blossom was growing on a still-small plumeria (frangipani) tree outside B&N's house. Again, the photo was a rush job because it is located right in line with the neighbors' kitchen, and I was afraid they would think I was trying to take a pic of their interior.

Busting at the seams

This is a detail photo of a plant stem (rightly called a pseudostem). Any guesses as to what kind of plant?

Also from quietspaces,   

You're A Prayer for Owen Meany!

by John Irving

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