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I had my first art lesson today, and I'd classify it as a success for two reasons: one, I didn't feel like a total hack; two, I learned something new. I worked with charcoal, first doing a landscape in my amateurish way. Then Marcel showed me how I *should* do it. So I did that again, and it wan't half bad. Then we went through his reference photos, and he chose one of a little alley with marked values. I sketched it large to work on perspective and the values. Then, I did it on smaller scale, and he declared it fit to be traced to transfer to a canvas. My next lesson will involve painting the scene.  But...all in black. As if I were still working with charcoal.

I came home exhausted. I'm not used to standing on concrete for 2.5 3.5hrs anymore(see, I'm so tired, I can't even count. :P). Since I already wrote for the day, I think I'll have supper and curl up with a book. That's a nice way to spend an evening alone.  
Tags: artistic aspirations, marcel

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