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Funny how the mind works

Usually, all I have to do is say that I want to change something about myself, and suddenly I'm swamped with opportunities to smooth my problem areas and test my sincerity. That whole grumpy-flexibility thing I've been on about the past few days is the first part of my mind's funny plans to shake up my world; unexpected inspiration is the second.

D'abord, the flexibility tests:

The day's first unusual thing: I woke up at 6:30. Very, very unusual that (unless I have reason), but instead of going back to sleep, I got up when J got home 15 minutes later.

Second unusual thing: I went shopping. For hours! (frigg, please don't revoke my sickpea status). The shopping was planned (more like errands), but the "hours" definitely was not. In fact, I didn't have time to get everything I wanted (sorry, rabiagale! I still haven't got yours and D's t-shirts!!!) because J had to be back on PT for work tonight. I did, however, get several yards of lovely fabric, two pairs of Thai-style trousers (can't think of the real name for them), a wrap-around skirt, a pair of sandals, a cool Indian bandolier sack, and a tank top--therein lies the "unusual" because I detest clothes shopping and rarely find something I want and like when I have the money to get it. We also bought lots of other supplies (more on this in a bit when I relate the inspiration) and 12 boxes of cat litter. Long story.

The third thing we did was planned (not officially for today--rather a "we need to do that..." kind of thing) yet serendipitous after the inspiration of last night: visits to two art galleries. The first belongs to a guy who specializes in watercolors. I'm not a fan of the sample I had already seen of his work, but he had one or two in the gallery that weren't bad. Still, they don't please me enough to pay the prices he is asking. However, the second artist had several that we like enough to buy, including the first work we saw of his that we both fell in love with because It Is Mayotte! It's a huge painting (actually a "drawing"), but we are going to get it. Must get it. Must have it. We'll make an offer first though. And I want to buy one of the studies he did for another painting.  Annnnnd, I'm going to take art lessons with him. :D He is very reasonably priced, and I think it is time I actually learned something things about painting instead of feeling my way through it. (On a side note, he lived in Australia for 14 years--even learned to paint there--so he speaks English quite well!)

In all our running around, we picked up 5 hitchhikers (not at the same time), but there is nothing unusual in that. You can't even threaten to tell my mom because she'd be the first to pull over. She did a lot of hitching in her day. Heck, her day is not over yet.
Now for the inspiration. Last night, when I went to bed after midnight, I was tired out of my mind, but I had a flash of a series of artworks I can do. One of my goals this year was is to produce three (I think) original pieces, and so far I've done zilch. Just been waiting on The Idea. The beauty of this idea is that it excited me enough that it was the first thing I was thinking about when I woke up this morning. I think that is pretty cool. So, this morning, I bought some basic things to get me started, and tomorrow I have to go on a treasure hunt.

I'm very ready to get cracking. This hasn't happened to me in a long, long while!
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