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And then there was Sunday

I think I've already established how much I like my me time, but I don't know if I've made it clear how unspontaneous I can be when I really have my heart set on doing X instead of Y. Well, after my busy Saturday, I was hoping to have a quiet Sunday at home, catching up on cleaning (yeah, I didn't say "fun Sunday"), doing a spot of writing...

However, that was not to be. On Friday, mana_trini bought a surfboard (he'd left his behind in mainland France given that Mayotte isn't the island sea of dreams when it comes to surfable waves) because for a few months, there is enough movement on the lagoon to make surfing possible. He wanted to test it out on Sunday and the conditions were supposed to be favorable around 9am. He called a couple of friends who have a surfboard and bodyboards, and off we went to Moya II, the beach shown in this post. I didn't feel like going in the water, so I took a book (Good Omens) and a notepad. I didn't open either one. The waves were not au rendez-vous, so we all sat on the sand, chatting. No pics of J wiping out this time, I'm afraid.

The couple, Sebastion and Sandy, invited us to lunch at their place. Sandy is a chef here in Mayotte, and I cannot understand why she wants to cook for people and have company on her only day off. But I won't complain about the food: perfumed rice, swordfish brochettes, mango chutney, and for dessert "banana-coconut chocolate" samosas with vanilla ice cream.  S&S also have a garden, so I was able to gather some seeds for jewelry-making. Because they don't have cats, they have lots and lots of lovely geckos about their house and terrace. One came to lick my finger!!!! Too bad I didn't have my camera.

After J and Seb played a few rounds of darts, we came home where I promptly crashed. Naps are not my norm, but yesty, I needed one. In the evening, I worked on uploading nigh on 300 photos and making a DVD-player-friendly slideshow for our neighbors of their kids, etc. What I said about the Mahoraises being camera-shy mostly applies to strangers...

ETA: I was so caught up in relating the events that I didn't even remember to include how much the whole change of plans made me gripe and groan, internally. The "plan" was to take thermoses of tea and buy croissants and pains au chocolate and have breakfast on the beach, let J and others surf a bit, and then come home. And spend the rest of the morning and afternoon all alone, in peace. :P
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