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It all depends on your perspective

Social stuff: Friday I was supposed to perform with my fellow African dance students at an end-of-the-year school party. We were told repeatedly to be there at 3pm. So, I was there at 3pm. And no one else was. Or rather, there were lots of kiddos (school in question is a kindergarten), lots of parents of kiddos (including several of  mana_trini's colleagues; Egads!), and one lady from my dance class who had shown up to watch the rest of us dance. No other dancers! No musicians. I waited 35 minutes, in vain, then came back home.

Two hours later, J's cell phone rang. I didn't answer--it's not my phone, and I suspected who it might be--and a few seconds later it rang again. This time the caller left a message, which I promptly listened to. It was someone saying they hadn't danced yet and they were waiting on me. Well, I let them wait. I'm patient, but not that patient. And evidently, everyone except yours truly was aware of the change of plans to meet later. All in all, I'm not that disappointed in how things turned out. Depends on that perspective thing I mentioned.

Saturday, we went to a cook-out on the beach, held by a couple of J's colleagues who are going back to mainland France since their two-year stint is up. We had a good time. Lots of visiting, lots of eating. I even got to read a bit as I lay in the shade. The last might be considered antisocial by some, but like the subject line says...

Today we were supposed to go back to the same spot for another cook-out, but J still isn't feeling well.

Writing stuff: I've been writing very steadily now for several months and I think I'm going to need to take a break soon. Go into total reader/artist mode. I feel I need to recharge a bit. The plan is to get through this draft of TBU then lay it all aside for a month or so. Then, I'll fix TTD first, work out a few places to send it to, and then tackle the third draft of TBU. Hopefully it won't need a lot more than that. In any case, it is coming together a lot faster than my teeth-cutting project, TTD, and for that I'm eternally grateful. 

I know TTD took me forever. I know it isn't perfect. But I do know it isn't half bad for a first effort (we all have to start somewhere). I just hope that I learned my lessons well for TBU. 

For some reason, I'm getting antsy, cross-purpose writer thoughts: conflicting confidence and feelings of suckiness; fears that I have no more stories to tell; urges to work on other things; belief that my current story is good; doubts about continuing writing. What a daft brain I live with.

moya IIgargoyle rocks
moya II

Moya II is a lovely horseshoe bay, the prettiest beach on Petite Terre, I think.
gargoyle rocks

Click for an enlarged view of the rocks.
moya II waveroussettes
moya II wave

Cool "intertube" wave...

Giant friut bats hanging a good thirty feet over my head.

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