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Random hodgepodge from a scrambled mind

In no particular order:

z       I forgot to mention the other day that it is cool enough that we sleep with a sheet now and for the past two nights have put giant beach towels over ourselves (because blankets just aren’t something you need a lot of here :P and we made a pallet out of all the ones do we have--we sleep on the back terrace). Also, during the day, I go several hours--sometimes the whole day!--without turning on a fan. Despite it being the dry, "cool" season, the mosquitoes have not let up.

       My African dance class is putting on a show (okay, one number) for an end of school party (a local preschool loans us their recreation room free of charge for our classes, so the dance is our way of saying thanks), and I still haven't gotten my costume together. It isn't a big deal, I just need to run a seam around my...pareo for lack of better word. Yes, I am a procrastinator by nature.


z     mana_trini said something today about sickpeahood (like he assumed he was one. Strange man.  Does a feeling of affinity count?). frigg, what do you think? Can our ranks be opened to the rabble  masses? Somehow I don't think he'd qualify for that specialized labor we discussed.  


z       I'm currently reading two books:

         Perfume by Patrick Süskind. I first heard about the book some years ago through a non-fiction work (A Natural History of the Senses, Diane Ackerman), and I mentally put it on my "someday" list. Then serendipity! J found it in English at a bookstore here in Mayotte. I'm enjoying it very much.

         ¿Quién se ha llevado mi queso? By Spencer Johnson, M.D. I’m reading it in Spanish for two reasons.

1.       I’m crazy. No, really. I took one year of Spanish as a junior in high school, and then two semesters of it my senior year at uni (needed a foreign language for my Humanities degree). And I haven’t spoken Spanish since. It was J who understood the most when we went drove along the Costa Brava to Barcelone for our honeymoon. (The Spanish accent is hard for me. Give me a Mexican accent any day!)

2.       Núria, who loaned me the book, thinks it is good and for some strange reason thinks I’ll be able to understand it. Muchas gracias, chica. Actually, since I've honed my skills in French, I understand a lot more. Frex: penser/pensar (to think); sentir/sentir (to feel); savoir/saber (to know). So it’s all well and good to get the sense of it, but as for enjoying it… (Núria and I have very different tastes anyway. For her, if a book is based on true events, half the battle of getting her to like it is won. And to that I say, “Meh.”)

z       I've let my update posts slide, but I’ve been steadily plugging away at TBU, and today I passed the 50K mark. Tomorrow I get to page 200. On the story front, it is coming together, and there are parts of it I really love. I still think it is going to have an acceptable finished length which is such a relief. :P

       I started a new necklace yesterday. Well, just drilling my holes for the moment. I think the sea-smoothed coral (?; J thinks they are stones) is going to be lovely all strung together. Saturday, we are attending a cookout on the beach where I found them, so I just might have to do more beachcombing.


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