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Where does the week go?

Hey, why hasn't anyone posted any interesting memes for me to steal lately? It is already Saturday, and I have to make minimum three posts per week to keep the frigg monster happy.

Writing news:

I rode on pjthompson's inspiration coattails and attacked a short story that I started and abandoned last year for various reasons. Yesterday I wrote 1,102 on it and, so far today, I've written 1,555. I figure I'm just past the halfway point (and I'm unsure of how it will play out), so it will be around 8K. I'm going to aim for 7K, though.

Funnily enough, I started on this story again because I was feeling a bit blah about my novel, but now I'm ready to get back to the novel, but don't want to leave the story languishing yet again. Guess the only solution is to get this ss draft finished asap.


One offshop yesty, and two on today.


I prepared a bit pot of beef curry tonight so I don't have to cook tomorrow. J was working in Paris today, and I actually did all of my own dishes instead of leaving them for him.

My boss (the father of the father-son business I work for) came into the gallery today with a childhood friend, a very loud opinionated man who spent twenty minutes telling my boss and I how we need to run the business and attract more clients. Towards the end of the speech he kept looking straight at me and saying, "You need to do this... And you should do this..." Upon leaving, he jokingly said, "I'll be back in a few weeks to see how you are getting on with the changes." To which I replied he was speaking to the wrong person and needed to address his comments to the boss rather than the humble employee. The humble employee who got chewed out for giving away a €7.50 bottle of wine to a customer who bought a couple hundred euros worth of wine when the son is allowed to give away a €129 wine scepter to a client who never pays us on time and has to be threatened with legal action to get him to settle his debts, not to mention giving away three bottles to yet other clients who didn't buy *anything.*

Nah, I didn't feel like ranting. Why do you ask? ;o)
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