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Rough Edges

I know that 99% of the people on my friends list are writers, and I'm pretty sure than a 100% of that 99% are interested in character arcs, specifically helping their MCs improve or grow stronger over the course of novels and, perhaps, shorts.

But a conversation with frigg  got me thinking and wondering: How many of you have the same concern for YOURSELF? Do you actively try to make yourself a better person? Are you aware of your faults/weaknesses, etc., and do you accept them or try to change them?  Want to share how? I don't suppose you go out and try to save the world or arrange to have redshirts  friends killed simply so you can grow through grief and strive to be a better person. *g*

I know I have plenty of rough edges, and I swear that every time I get one smoothed out, I find another jag in need of attention.
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