The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer


I think my name isn't common enough to have good ones, but the punctuation does make for interesting, enigmatic pauses:

Some bleh:

Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to chase anyone this year. ... I saw dearest
Miquela for a good 2 minutes

this whole area of the world is hot, and unfortunately all too many people havne't
been ... One of those names is Miquela

Miquela, Don't be mad b/c your husband left you for a beautiful brazilian lady.
... Unfortunately my thread petered out because sometimes women aren't willing to leave their "comfort zone",

A few funnies:

Unfortunately, my brain has now ground to a halt after working
in an office for the ... Miquela,

Unfortunately, the best thought-out retirement plan rarely takes into consideration
living a ... Miquela

I unfortunately got to read this manuscript after that letch. ... Miquela.

And just because
... mip miphkad mips miquela miquette mir mira mirabel mirabella mirabelle miracle
... unforgiving unformatted unfortunate unfortunately unfruitful ungainly ...

(Thanks for the idea, stillnotbored. I think that gives me four posts for the week. Are you reading frigg? These. Posts. Do. Count. As. Do. Other. Types. Of. Memes. The pjthompson said so. :P)
Tags: who am i?

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