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first word count woohoo of the new year

It is just shy of midnight, and I have reached my first word count goal of the new year. (won't tell how pathetic that goal is so new friendses won't think I'm a loser, especially queenoftheskies  whose monthly counts are to die for.) So, now I'm off to the Land of Nod, but not before saying thanks to all for the warm welcome.

(Hey, frigg . Count them. That's two posts :p)

And I'll leave you with this meme stolen from pjthompson's page:</span>


Last Book Read: Just finished rereading Hobb's Fool's Fate, and am currently reading Curse of Chalion.

Last Live Music Show Seen: The Wedding Band playing in the arcades of Place des Vosges.

Last CD Purchased: Patrice, Soulstorm, I think

Last Thing Cooked: J did a fab NYE meal: Crème d'ail (like a garlic soup), dardiole de crevettes (shrimp soufflé) with smoked salmon and sea scallops, grilled duck breast (don't gross out, Jodi and Holly), with asparagus fricassee, and a chocolate fondant with chocolat streusel and a coulis made from Earl Grey.  I just ate it...and washed the dishes.

Last New Thing Eaten: It isn't new, but this Christmas, I finally came to appreciate oysters.  Or rather learned to get over *thinking* about what I'm eating.  But truly *new*...? I guess we can count the Earl Grey coulis!

Last Thing Bought: just ordered some books and dvds.  Internet shopping is my friend.

Last Gift Received: a check.  Thanks, grandmother-i-l!

Last Piece of Clothing Bought or Received as a Gift: Jeans.

Last Embarrassing Experience: When I thought the hairdresser was saying how much prettier I looked once my new do showed my face rather than my hair hanging in front of my eyes.  In fact, he was commenting on the world in general being so much prettier in summer.  Hey, in my defense, French is not my first language, there were a lot of blowdryers going, not to mention the crazy, cackling Halloween witch-thing on the counter behind me.

Last Totally New Experience: helping J fix the new floor in our attic-soon-to-be-bedroom

Last Foreign Country Visited, if any: Holland

Last New Bird Seen (substitute an enthusiasm of your own if not a birder): Very pretty bird that I don't know the name for.  It was white-brested and had a red face mask with dark gray wings. And thanks to May, I now know my mystery bird was a European Goldfinch.

Last Big Achievement: is it a bad sign that I can't think of anything off the top of my head? (too tired to give it more thought)


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