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A Haiku or four

But this time I actually got some good ones. Usually when I try this meme I get ridiculous goobledygok.

So, three writing-ish haikus and one distinctly Mayotte:

Haiku2 for mnfaure
the mc riveted
her and she didn't want to
leave the mc clearer
Created by Grahame

Haiku2 for mnfaure
the setup on page
for it to make sense for the
reader i failed
Created by Grahame

Haiku2 for mnfaure
happens i know what
happens i know for a fact
that i did a crit
Created by Grahame

Haiku2 for mnfaure
then it is madame
please bananas please madame
garlic at first these
Created by Grahame
Tags: memes

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