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Get ready, set, revise

I have two things to say, and normally one of them would be on my update filter, but because I don't feel like making two posts, those of not on that filter will just have to suffer through. Or you can scroll past the entry of course.

The first thing is that I've had a bad week.  Most of the badness came from computers being on the blink, which led to a week of no writing, so no progress, no adherring to the schedule.  Yes, I could have written longhand, but I was more worried about saving my books.  I hadn't backed things up in a good while and stood to lose months of work on two separate projects. EVERYONE STOP READING AND BACKUP YOUR FILES IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!!!!!  That's an order.

The second thing relates to updates.  I'm now ready to attack TTD again, and because I'm already behind schedule and the mil is due in just a few weeks, I'm going to be very scarce around LJ-land as I try to make serious headway on this ms.  If you have something you want to share with me, please don't count on me seeing it on my flist.  If you don't have my email and want it, don't hesitate to ask.

Now for some scary stats.  

 235,111 words - ouch. I don't even want to know what it is in SMF.

990 pages in Courier - ouch.  However, I did reduce the spaces after punctuation from 2 to 1 and whittled it down 6 pgs.  Yay me. In TNR, howevr, it was 731.  That is looking mighty tempting for printing and subbing, especially when it comes time to do SMF.

Those on my update filter, if the page and word count numbers don't go down in the course of the edits, please feel free to pelt me with smelly eggs and clotted milk.

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