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After checking out that particular gem from To Be Undone, I'm not sure anyone is going to believe me when I say the rest of the story wasn't that bad. I was a bit down and out about the magnitude of suckitude I encountered in the opening, but there was lots of good stuff in the middle. The end fell apart, of course, because I had decided to rework some major things and so only sketched it briefly to give the story some form of closure. However, as I finished my read-through today, I got teary-eyed again and I chuckled...a lot. 

Tomorrow is going to be a day of reflection. I think I'm going to have to first go through my notes and retype them before I can get into the story. I *have* to work out some key things before I'm ready to push through with the rewriting. I'm starting to question the addition of another POV. Yes, a lot of reflection is needed.

Wish me luck, send me good vibes, and lots of tea and chocolate.

Now I'm off to get my booty kicked in a round or two of poker...or so says J. I feel like doing a little kicking myself.

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