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That absolute gem is something extracted directly from my ms, caps and all. And it pretty much sums up the ms so far as a whole.*insane giggle*

Today I got to pg 67 of 223 (do you see that I lost two pages? Wasn't the goal to add?), and I came pretty quickly to the conclusion that I need to rewrite the ms from scratch. Yes, I will be able to use the rough draft as a map, or scene list, if you will. But I think I'll achieve coherency a lot more quickly if I don't waste time in trying to pretty up wooden, wingless prose. Tomorrow I'll continue with my reading. I do want to read the whole draft, something I've never done--I just stuck it in a virtual drawer when I finished it mid-December--to get a true feel for it.

It isn't all drivel. I did get teary eyed in one scene and I love one of the characters.

I didn't toy much with prose, just cut out stuff already marked to go, but I did start a Master Word List for the world. I already have one, but it lacks organization. I have two pages so far: names, animals, plants, countries, etc; a simple list so far, no definitions. Despite all the worldbuilding stuff I already did, I still have so many tiny details to figure out. So. Very. Many.  *chants: Worldbuilding if fun. Worldbuilding is FUN*

I predict mucho work and rework in my future.
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