The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

The Beginning of Monster Revisions

a.k.a. Make the NaNo project readable.

I finished going over the last three chapters of TTD last night. I'm not 100% happy with them, but that doesn't matter. It was only roughing out the shape that I was concerned with. So now I've put the ms aside and will not look at it for 2 weeks.

That gives me 2wks to do a first pass on my NaNo project, working title To Be Undone. I am going to need more than one pass to get this into any kind of shape to be seen by another human being. This is the first project I've ever done where I have kept it super secret from everyone. I've shared some details about the world, but no one knows what the story is about; no one has seen any of the prose, except for a few people who read a version of the first chapter several years ago. (My word, has that much time really passed???)

Anyhow, the goals with this draft are:

1) Expand it into a full novel (this draft is 225 pgs/ 55,581 words)
2) Add another POV
3) Name everything
4) Fill in all the worldbuilding holes I left.

I'm going to try to remember that I don't have to have all the nuances right just yet. I don't have to hit every emotional high and low just right this time around. I'm working with a broken draft and it is going to take time to add in the amount of layering that I like.
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