The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

A not entirely unexpected "Alas"

Wrote a grand total of four words today. Yep. Four. No madlib there, (fill in user name :P ). Our lunch guests stayed for seven hours, and my morning was filled with rolling out and cooking the tortillas (was smart and made the dough last night), putting the pie together (same smartness with the tortillas applies to cutting the apples and making the pie crust), doing the rest of the cooking, and a spot of cleaning in the kitchen (oh, and I did a crit). By the time the guests left, I was beat and had a splitting headache. The meds have finally kicked in enough that my head has stopped spinning. Alas, it is 5 to midnight and I'm still beat. 

So, the ending is not for tonight. But I'll get it tomorrow. Just watch me.

ETA: I wanted to edit this and now can't remember why.
Tags: updates, word count
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