The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

The Labor of Love

I posted this on the OWW mailing list, too, but someone on my friends list might be able to give me an answer, too:

I'm writing a birth scene and since gathering firsthand data on this would take several more months than I have, I would appreciate it if you mothers could answer a few questions for me about the joys involved. 

Do you feel pain (or another sensation) when your water breaks? Can you describe it? A little more subjective, perhaps, is how you would describe the contractions and ensuing pain leading up to and including the moment of birth. Has anyone had a natural pregnancy birth? (Thanks, Rabia. I blame fatigue.) What about the moment after the birth? What does your body feel like? Bruised and abused? Numb? "Empty"? Something else? How long does it take for the afterbirth to be expelled?

Share your pain. :) It's for a good cause.


Tags: writing research
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