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baa baa. *follows PJ and Bear* I must admit to being decidedly unimpressed with what I have to offer. Clicking through my "story idea file," I see that I have a lot more "ideas" than started stories. Actually this was a rather depressing exercise because I found so much stuff that needs working on. Still, I'll post "as is."

Untitled spinoff on Little Red Riding Hood:

Alexandra tucked the bottle of Sancerre white into the picnic basket next to the goat cheese.


Softer Than a Zephyr:

Elbert’s back creaked as he bent over to pluff--as Nan had always said--the cushions on the low couch.


Untitled fairy tale:

The tufted seed drifted earthward like goose down floating on a child’s breath.


The Land of Down:

"She's gonna jump."


WIP The Traveler's Daughter:

The purple-soft fragrance of wisteria--the fragrance of hate--enveloped Bria as she leaned into the vine’s foliage.


Untitled Space opera short:

He's filming me again.


The Tree of Happiness (working title):

In the village of Patience, if a gathering of such ramshackle hovels could be called thus, was a tree.


Untitled Novel:

‘Twas a time when I never would have defied my mother.


To Be Undone (very tentative working title for a novel)

Tension lurked among the sooty rafters of the lodge, its presence weighting normally jovial faces and dulling the humor of bantering remarks.


From unfinished novel Thirteen Virgins in White:

The Devil made me do it. Well, maybe not the Devil, more like his third cousin twice removed. Or a poor relation. But, yeah, he's the one who made me do it--the Dark Lord.
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