The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Six Lies Meme

Because hkneale is making me. Holding her light saber to my head and everything... (can that be my first lie?) For some reason, I find it very hard to fabricate things about myself, but 

1) I was an only child, born to a couple in their forties. Or so they said. Turns out they adopted me from the local pound, and I have the ear tattoo to prove it. Please don't bring up vaccinations and obligatory spaying in my presence.

2) I really wanted to go to boarding school to get away from my parents' overbearing affection, but the school had a no pets policy.

3) I have had braces and extensive tooth filing procedures to give my pearly whites their current unoffensive, trust-inducing configuration.

4) My mother, knowing how painful my triweekly waxing appointments were, always tried to make each of our trips into town something special. Sometimes it would be an afternoon spent in the ice cream parlor, her applying cone after cone of Coconut Delight to my red back. Sometimes it would be a visit to the zoo--until she remarked how uncomfortable it made me to see animals in cages.

5) I accidently bit off my first boyfriend's tongue. Come to think of it, he was my last boyfriend, too.

6) Everything I just typed is the truth. I'm a really bad liar and can never get away with telling falsehoods.

No tagging from me. :) Play if you want to.
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