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I guess I've gone and done it again, cut back my projected word count, thinking I could finish it in under 250K, but 230K may have been too optimistic. I can tell you for sure that I will not be wrapping this thing up in under 4K. I am going to go back and trim down on the last two chapters, and I might be able to get rid of nigh on 3K, but even that leeway probably won't be enough to see the wrap-up at the current goal.

Not that that bothers me. The beast will be as big as the beast will be. End of story (lame pun intended).

However, I would like to have an additional goal (apart from the 750w/d of the Ni90) to finish this thing in a timely manner. I have another ms that is in need of attention.


These word meters can be seen as a waste of time, I suppose, but I find them very useful in getting myself focused. Making the ending happen is driving me nuts. This is not the first draft; I know what happens; I know how this thing turns out. Nevertheless, this time around, I've deliberately left things open enough for the characters to have their say in no small number of things. And none of them are screaming answers at me. I don't know. Maybe I haven't taken the time to really listen. I do get snippets of scenes and dialogue when I'm washing the dishes or making yogurt, so maybe I need to take a break from staring at the screen and go bake something.

It isn't as if new things *aren't* happening, but I'm not sure that the new additions are really necessary or that they don't detract from the story overall, like grotesques grafted on for the sake of Suffering and Something Happening.
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