The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
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says N'djema.  "What's up with all these updates?  Work updates, word counts!  What about an update on me?!?"

Because I cannot stand up against the menace of Miss Barrel Belly for long, here are some

"The less said about this time in my life, the better."

"After the surgery, they kept me in quarantine to protect me, so they said, but I know it was because I was so ugly they thought I would scare their other two cats.  Not to mention I was infested with cooties."

"Once my cut was healed enough, they let me out of the dratted bathroom, and I took lots of naps to build up my strength."

"I weigh a little more than this now, and that Miquela calls me 'bidon'--barrel belly, moi?--and talks about something called a diet. But hey, I've been through a lot ,and I still get plenty of exercise chasing Max and Tiboy and keeping the coackroach and centipede population down.  Maybe I need to cut back on the ants and flies.

I'm not really supposed to know, but that Miquela has made adoption posters for me.  I've been working on the softie, Julien, though, and he won't help her hang them up around town.  I think I have him convinced that it would break his heart to get rid of me.  But that Miquela, she's a stubborn one.  I don't think anyone else is going to want me though.  Like it or not, they're probably  stuck with me."

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