The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

"Work Week" Five Update

I was good this week! And the body listened and didn't try to sandbag me.

Check it out. I:
+ went for two walks
+ did my chores and the house is back on track
+ did some gardening
+ did yoga thrice
+ attended African and belly dance classes
+ went beach-combing and sorted shells for a necklace
+ finished 54
+ got 2K on 55
+ did a crit, and read a chapter. Just have to think of what I want to say.

As of next week, these updates will be on a special filter. I'll also be posting my daily (or somewhat daily) word counts to that filter. If you wanna be on it, tell me so in the comments [those of you who have already responded, don't worry about doing it again]. If you don't want to, no biggie.
Tags: weekly progress report

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