The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

"Work Week" Three Update

I was much better at adhering to my schedule this week, even though I didn't respect it to the tiniest little time slot. The insomnia eased up and bit and only attacked me two out of five nights. I still have a few more things to perfect on my time management plan, but I need to be well rested to see how a week really goes AND I need J to get back to his normal shifts.

So, this week, I've:
+ done my chores faithfully, except for the day I let myself be lazy because of "female" probs.
+ sanded and treated an oar J brought home (The work of 30 minutes. Wasn't good on the crafting/project/art front. *sigh*)
+ did yoga once
+ went for a 2hr walks, a 1.25 hr swim, and two dance classes
+ finished 51
+ worked on c52 (got 3K)
+ "critted" (meaning: read and enjoyed 8 chapters and made piddling comments)
Tags: weekly progress report

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