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Quel génie!

Today at work, I had an amazing breakthrough idea for my story. Simply amazing. I had the pieces there. I had all the people. I had the necessary situation to push some character and plot buttons, a situation that serves as a big turning point, but I had an iffy *why* for one of the components. Suddenly, like little dominoes tripping over themselves to fall into a perfect picture, greater than the sum of their parts (yes, I really do mean that. hehe) all the little layers and background goodies that I've been weaving in came together in a way that makes perfect sense on a multitude of levels.

It is so strange to think that these elements have been there all along, but I couldn't see them and how they could affect the overall story until I asked, "Why would this character do that?" Once I followed that line of thought, who that character is, what he means to the story, his relationship to characters A and B, his heritage and how it ties into B's, his own possible desires for wanting character B to his bidding, how that would affect his relationship with A and give it greater depth all took on a whole new dimension.

Yes, I'm utterly thrilled if you haven't figured that out yet from the rambly, skip-hop-jump feel of the thoughts flying from my fingers.

I love it when a plan comes to together, to quote Hannibal. *smiles around cigar* oh, wait *cough, cough* I don't smoke.
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