The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

"Work Week" Two Update

I wasn't as good at adhering to my schedule as I was last week, but I still got stuff done. Hopefully, I won't have insomnia to deal with next week. Hopefully, I won't have an attack of the lazies.

+ done my chores, but not necessarily as and when they needed it
+ made one cushion, three cushion covers (cushioning is taking forEVER, and it will only be finished after I get foam to do the seats. *sigh*)
+ did yoga sporadically
+ but went for four walks (avg 1.5 hrs)
+ polished 49
+ finished c50
+ started c51
+ critted two shorts
+ ruined perfectly good paper and wasted chalk pastels. (I fear I will never be good at pastels)
Tags: weekly progress report

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