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Am I there yet?

Not making much headway on my WIP on the new word front, but I have had some good discussions about it with writer buddies that have lead me to some much-needed solutions. I realized that I can't write a truly coherent, much less resonant, ending to the story as it stands. I have to go back and put in too much, build up character, etc for it to be worth my while to stress over the ending now. However, finish this draft I will. And before the end of December. It will take me less words than planned though because it needs must resemble a glorified outline more than true narrative. Not that I plan on writing crap (uh, yeah, Miquela, what have you written so far?); I just know that sparse is better when the thing has to be gutted anyway. Forward motion, O Spartan Drafter!

There have been a few words, so I'll do a meter (notice I've dropped my expected total from 80K to 60K):
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
52,020 / 60,000
Tags: to be undone, word count, writing challenges
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