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What is this mindless content?

All the content my mind has the inclination for:

Your travel type: Culture Buff

The culture buff needs to see a museum, an art gallery, a 16-th century church every day during his holiday. When he travels he is always well prepared. He has read history books, speaks a few words of the lingo, knows about the strange habits the locals have.

top destinations:

Ciudad Perdida

stay away from:

Las Vegas

Funnily enough, I've been to Amsterdam and quite enjoyed it. And the three places listed for me to avoid are places I have absolutely no desire to visit.

The Homeland:

There are soooooo many states I still want to see and already-visited ones that I want to explore more thoroughly. I'll have to make it back over there someday.

Breakdown of Europe:

Eep, need to head east. frigg, hurry up and move to Denmark, so I'll have a reason to go up that way. :D

Stats for The World Domination Campaign:

The Comoros, of which Mayotte is a part, doesn't even rate a red dot and, apparently, neither does Reunion. You really have to squint (and know where to look) to see Qatar. I need to travel more. Look at that vast spread of white. So many unexplored places, unmet people, unlived cultural clashes...
Tags: map, memes, putting on my travelin' shoes
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