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To agent or not to agent?

That is the question we writers pose ourselves.

For my part, I had decided that I *would* agent, but *after* exhausting the markets open to unagented writers first. This was a decision I came to some four years ago when I decided that n'importe the odds of getting published, I wanted to write! Since getting published was--and still is, frankly--the stuff of dreams, I didn't dwell on it that much or really come to an informed opinion.

I had absorbed the whispers and declarations that an unpublished author was better getting the first deal herself and then hooking Agent X into representing her in said deal. But after following my friends' quests for agents and reading the thought-provoking posts on the OWW ML apropos the subject, especially the latest one by katallen, I have decided that once I finish The BEAST, I will try to agent it.

So, dream a little dream for me...
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