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...than NaNo updates. It's been awhile since my last Mayotte posting, and I know you are all wishing I would share more photos. Just humor me, okay? The rainy season has been late in getting under way, but we are having multiple showers by day now. Apparently what I already consider a riotous showing of color gets more riotous still after the earth has had a good watering. In preparation for that, I'll share a few photos of the flashy colors that have already caught my eye.  As you will see, almost nothing is content to be a single hue, not even the seeds! 

This is a male nectarina coquereli, the smallest bird in Mayotte.  It is sitting in a Albizia lebbeck or "bois noir" (black wood) tree.  The seed pods make a great noise when the winds stirs them.

I'm not sure what these seeds are.  There is another smaller variety that comes from a climbing plant called "devil's eyes," but these seeds come from a thorny tree.  The name still fits, if you sask me.

Cajanus cajan or ambrevade.  All from the same plant, magnificent range of colors and patterns.  And yummy to boot.

Isn't he gorgeous?  He cooperated so well for the pic! (It's a punaise in French, and I think it is some kind of soldier bettle in English, isn't it?--Don't want to take the time to try to id it on the net)

Fiery interior of an unidentified flower, and...

...its pale, blushing-damsel exterior.

This post was brought to you by Red and Orange, and the letter C.  Ha!  Now I have an LJ post with a Sesame Street reference, too. *is cool*
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