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Being in the middle of passing my second level in scuba diving and trying to do NaNo makes for a busy me. My NaNo totals haven't been as impressive as I would like, but I knew they wouldn't be at the beginning of the month with so much else going on. Let's just get the stats out of the way, shall we?


Now, things have slowed down a tad on the diving front, and I'm sick (extreme fatigue, sore throat, some congestion, funky dark red patch on the back of my left hand). Seems like life and my body are always out to get me in November.

On a more positive front, yesty, J and I did our first "deep water" dive--down to 41,2m (135.17ft) Guess what we saw? Our first SHARK! Woohoo! Well, it wasn't the very first we've ever swam with. There were baby ones in the lagoon around the island we stayed on in the Maldives, but this was the biggest at about four feet.

I hope I'm well by Saturday, seeing as how we have a double dive excursion planned. And if things go to plan, we should get our level two validated.

Being the selfish shellfish that I am, I haven't been keeping up with LJ. If you need to get my attention or pull my focus away from my navel, email me or comment on one of my entries.
Tags: diving, ickiness, sealife, sharks, writing challenges

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