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Art and memes

First two memes and then what I have been up--er, what I am going to get up to--on the art front.
First from pjthompson, The Corner.  Here is the corner of our desk, which as you can see, the corner is pretty much the desk. This set up is not conducive to writing.  That, dear friends, is one of the reasons I have not gotten any words of late.  Things must change. The mouse and keyboard are on a cajón at slightly-below-knee level. :P

Then a book meme from green_knight:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Turn to page 121.
3. The 2nd sentence is your life in 2021.

From Riverworld and Other Stories, which I have permanently-shelved but left lying on the sunduk until I can be bothered to put it back in the library:

I'll denounce him to the whole world, and the Last Days will've started.

The Last Days...yeah, feels a bit like that to me.
Nero fiddled while Rome burned.  I decided to paint.  I need to get some practice in with learn how to use my gouache, so I decided to use a book of design patterns as inspiration.
Here is a Persian rug motif and my rendering on black mixed media paper:

Not too happy with the colors, but as a first try, it will have to do.  The original image is quite tiny (the main flower being the size of my thumbnail), and I painted it last night by kitchen light.  Therefore, I only saw after photographing it and enlarging it for the post that the pattern on the petalss was much less organic than I made it.  Paint and learn. :P
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