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More sightings, more possibilities

We have a very, very skittish new visitor to the bird feeder, a great spotted woodpecker (pic épeiche), and I vow to get a better photo. In the meantime, observe that Friendly would like a close encounter with the birds, too >.<
And the common chaffinches are back. Wikipedia says they are year-round residents here, but there is a part of the year where I don't see much of them. Again, I will try to get better photos through a non-foggy window:
So far, the chaffinch and woodpecker are only visiting the front feeder.

Yesterday, we packed up several meals and some snacks to take to a friend who has broken her leg.  She and her husband help run a democratic school and are currently rennovating the house they just bought.  Add to those huge projects four kids who are involved in lots of extra-curricular activities and you have a recipe for stress and over-tiredness.  We hope that by taking care of some of their cooking duties, they might get a little relief.  It is a pity that they live an hour away and we can't be more present for them on a day-to-day basis.

On the road, Sprout started working on her taking-photos-from-a-moving-vehicule technique:

And now for the "Possibilities:"
J is going to do a month-long mission in Italy this winter.  I hope the kids and I can go visit him there for a week or so, depending on policies concerning the virus.  I would like to add another country to my list.  Speaking of lists, I was sad to see that my links in this post and this one are no longer working.  I entered some info into another site and then took a screenshot so the same will not happen to me again. :-/
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