The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
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Bluster, bluster, storm and blow

We've been having a very wet and windy week, actually almost two weeks.  After such a dry summer, it feels both good and strange to have this weather.*  I could do without the wind, though the rain is very welcome, and we are so chufffed with our rain-catchment system.  We have been able to pump at least 18,000L (5400 gallons) into the ponds we created in our pastures. That sounds like a lot, but like I said, it has been soooooo dry that the water doesn't last long. The ponds are not waterproofed, and the soil is just drinking it up. That is OK, the aquifers need recharging, and with the mild winter they are once again predicting, we won't have much snow this year. Snow is what really helps raise the water levels.

And the weather has made staying in and writing a reasonable-seeming thing to do.  :P

I have rewritten and edited the first thirteen chapters of the first volume of my Witherwild trilogy.  It would be great to get the whole thing revised by year's end, so I can move on with book two, which is about halfway done.  I make myself no promises, though. Life is too full of surprises, both nasty and good.


*ETA the true reason I thought of making this post:

For years, I have become increasingly sensitive to sun exposure, especially on my head, and this summer saw me developing even worse reactions. I cannot stand to have direct sunlight on my scalp, notably on my hair part, more than a couple of seconds.  I finally went to see the doctor after walking 12 meters with my head uncovered left me with a headache that last two days. Not a headache, really, more like the feeling of a sun- or cigarette-burn (yes, my parents were smokers; yes I got burned many times by a careless smoker), very intense, very localized.

The doctor did not send me to a dermatologist like I thought she would. Instead she ordered blood tests, a brain and sinus scan (remember the tooth saga? I'll come back to that in a minute), and she is going to try to get me an appointment with an internist.  I got the bloodwork back: my thyroid and cholesterol numbers are a little high, and my MCHC levels are a tad low. I don't really think my scan is going to show anything, and despite my changing shampoo (just in case, and I never use hair products), the crown of my head is still sensitive, if not painful, and this after 2 weeks of no sun-exposure.  My tooth caused some ear problems, too, which kind of faded, but then the tooth started acting up, despite the root canal, so I should have it pulled on the 15 Oct and then have my brain scan on the 16th.

Ah, the joys of unexplained health conundrums.
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