The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

The Saga of Molar 47

Back in January, I started suffering from horrible tooth pain. Six months and several flare-ups later--after 5 visits to the dentist, one to an osteopath*, one to a doctor, one x-ray, one cone beam scan, and two courses of antibotics--we discovered I had a vertical fracture in my molar, right between the tooth's roots.  Last week, the dentist did a root canal, and next Thursday, I should have the permanent filling put in.
After asking the dentist how in the world I had fractured my tooth in such a way, I remembered that at the end of last year, Ti'Loup, while sitting on my lap, flung himself backwards into my chest, and his head made painful contact with my jaw. That was, I believe, the first chapter in The Saga of Molar 47.
May July 2nd bring about "The End."
*After the first course of antibiotics, during which time the pain was so great that it literally tetanized my jaw and I couldn't open my mouth more than a centimeter, I had to visit an osteopath to help unlock my jaw.
Tags: ickiness, life in france

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