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Drat it

The broody duck broke open and kicked out her last duck egg. It was a beautiful duckiling, so I have no idea why she killed it. I took the remaining 2 goose eggs away from her and put them in the hated incubator. That is better than losing them to the duck's craziness.

In other duck news, our second female is laying agin, so she will go broody in about 2 weeks. We'll try to source some true Khaki Campbell eggs before then. Of  the new mystery hatchlings, two are doing great but the third is rather weak and we don't know if it will make it. *sigh*

Now for some happier news: Our potager pond is coming along nicely.  If not for the all the spates of rain and the need to scrounge up stones that go well, we could be done by now.
Cutting the liner down to size and then pegging down with soil:

Hiding the liner with stones:

How many more loads is this going to take? :P

It is going to look lovely with some plants around it. Already I love catching a glimpse of it as I walk around the garden or step out of the house.  It makes me want to fix up (water-proof and landscape it) the bigger pond. Gotta get some pigs and get that gleying action underway.


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    Hello, you! It's been ages! I hope you are doing all right. :)
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    Congratulations! What a fantastic achievement.
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