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Birth and The Blessing

Two years ago today, we were holding baby ducklings:

Today, one of our hens, Lacey, is hatching out her second clutch of eggs this year:

I have heard peeping, so I know the one from that shell is alive, but I have learned my lesson about trying to find out how many there are before the momma leads them out.

We have another hen, Lacey's sister, Ruby, who has gone missing. I am hoping she is in the hedge somewhere, sitting on her own clutch. If she is, and she succeeds, it will be the first time we have chicks all from the same rooster and hen in a clutch.

I have spent much time yesterday and today listening to various countries' rendition of "The Blessing." I first saw the UK version on YouTube about a week ago, and then yesterday a French friend shared the French version, so I got curious about which other one's exisited.

Here are some :

UK: The first one I heard

France: for those who want to hear French. I love to watch the lady signing; I wish there would have been more of that.

Zimbabwe: LOVE IT

Malaysia: Such an amazingly gorgeous diversity of people.

The Irish version, which is the most original I watched as it doesn't follow the format of the others and begins with "Be Thou My Vision,"* a beautiful hymn:

You can see if your country made one, too. :). Let me know any favorites you find.  What a beautiful collection of beings we are. I love to see all the joyful faces, hear all the languages.
* I adore Nathan Pacheco's version of that hymn and listen to it over and over:
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