The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Meet Mr. Brown and other news from the homestead

Today* we welcomed a new bird to the property (and three potential others, more about that below) :  A Khaki Campbell drake. The titular Mr. Brown.

Perhaps I am jumping the gun in getting a male because we have no females yet, only 4(ish) viable eggs in an incubator** that might or might not give us females. Because we continue to have health problems with our chickens, we are finally making the move to raise different laying birds, and due to the confinement (lockdown...or whatever you call it where you are), our efforts were thwarted earlier this spring.

Four eggs is not a lot, and they might not all hatch, so we went to the market to get more eggs. Only they were sold out, but another breeder had a 3-month-old male, so we decided to go ahead and get him to avoid any inbreeding in the future as we build our flock.

In lieu of duck eggs, we bought 3 goose eggs to put under a broody duck, in hopes that they might grow into good guard animals  to help us with our raptor problem (at least 7 raptor-related deaths). Geese apparently have superb early-warning skills, and their size can be dissausive.

There may be more news fit to print, but with this pesky keyboard, this is all you are getting. :P
*OK, not "today," rather the 25 May. We are having severe keyboard problems that make writing a royal pain. Yes, I have been trying to write this entry for a week. This is why I am not doing the June journalling challenge that I learned about through dray.

**borrowed incubator, which has convinced me of my thought that hatching under a mother bird is sooooooo much better than relying on technology.

Tags: chickens, critters, homesteading, life in france

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